A Quick Description of Carbondale, Illinois—with Breadcrumbs

A crazed, wild beauty plays over the world in Carbondale. Trees border the roads and strain in all directions, threatening to take over the sky and the concrete. The landscape is hilled by grassy fields and pitted by swamps. Unsuspecting cornfields spring upward. Forests fight each other for space. Lakes split the highway and reflect fire and cumulonimbus. The university, strange and scrambled, is overrun by purple flowers and grassed knolls and thick, southern forests and separate trees scattering for sky, which is so close to the ground you can taste cloud. And in the middle of all this, we try to claim a bit of space. A handful of stores, movie theatres, churches, but we know our place out here. We’re on borrowed land, and we know it, and we prefer it because how could anyone ever own this? I hope that as my body and imagination slow to this wild pulse of daily meditation, I’ll tap into that inner sky, recapture my own wilderness. Maybe I’ll even be able to leave some breadcrumbs. . . .


One Response to “A Quick Description of Carbondale, Illinois—with Breadcrumbs”

  1. Please do leave the breadcrumbs so I can come find you when it’s time to revise my novel (just started).

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