My Head, a New Story Idea, and the Possibility of Pets

I think I might get a pet.  Something small.  A chinchilla or a goldfish or a boa constrictor.  Something to cuddle with.

The silence is deep down here, but it’s bright.  Sunshine silence with a galaxy of stars hidden behind.  It’s nice, but I want to have something else alive in the house with me.  I forget how much crap goes on in my head when it has the space to think on its own.  Broken cathedrals with mossy green vines crawling over gray stone walls.  Plants and trees shattering stained glass.  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to try to repair them or let them rot into something new.  Let the world inside my skull run over them, transform them from the outside in into a world of leaf and vine and crumbling stone.  When I close my eyes, I see this scattered landscape, nothing but ruins and newfound forests and animals reclaiming what they’ve lost.  Foxes and turtles shading themselves in the shadows of fading stone walls.  Hyenas and hippopotami watching light play off of broken televisions like the ghosts of old movies.  Pigeons blotting the sky like scattered ink.

See, this is why I want something else alive in here.  I could talk out the madness with it, have it talk some sense back into me.  Maybe a goldfish is a bad idea then.  I’m not sure I could trust something that opens and closes its mouth all day without saying anything.

All this rambling makes me think of a story start.  Something about a new world growing over ours.  Something that springs from evolution and imagination and god-damned necessity.  I’ll try to draft something today and post it up here.


3 Responses to “My Head, a New Story Idea, and the Possibility of Pets”

  1. Meggers Says:

    I’m currently fostering a guinea pig. I thought it would be a nice trial run for the rabbit to have a playmate. They eat lots of veggies, which encourages me to add more to my diet. Last night I tried Swiss Chard since I thought it would be clever to try what I was foisting off on my pets. Oddly enough it tasted good sauteed with mushrooms and chicken. Next time I’ll use tofu though, the chicken was a bit heavy. Umm oh yes, my point, I was recommending you get a guinea pig or call the local humane society to see what rescue programs they work with that may need assistance. You could foster something and if you like it, keep it, if not, try something else when yours is adopted.

  2. Kristen Says:


  3. Get a cat. They are cute and furry and sit on your books to help you when you are reading and play a game of hide and seek with your pen when you are stuck. And they sometimes hide in bathroom windows disguised as giant bugs. Cuddly, giant bugs. Get someone cute. Like me.

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